The What, The Why, and The When

I am new to blogging on WordPress, actually, I’m new to blogging in a public sense altogether. Hopefully this page will answer some questions that a few of you may end up having.

[Note: Edits will be made it brackets (yeah, like this one)][lies!]

What am I going to be writing? Well I’m going to be writing my thoughts from time to time, but for the most part this is going to be a blog based on presenting knowledge from other articles or journals from a vast collection of other areas. I am in absolutely no way an authority on any of the subject matter that I will be discussing and I will be presenting the material as I understand it.

Why am I writing this? I may have little to no actual knowledge on the subject beyond that of article I’ve just read, but that’s the point of this, I want to simply expand my knowledge. I want to read more, I want to learn more. I want to experience the opinions of others and I want to be able to formulate my own.  I use this blog to motivate myself to learn. By posting, by talking to an audience*, by giving myself a schedule, I’m able to force myself into new situations, into reading new things, into embracing new ideas. I have had other  blogs on other sites but I’ve now switched to WordPress, I don’t know why, I think mostly because I’ve had to use it a few times through work and helping friends and I simply find it comfortable.

When am I going to be posting to the blog? Well this is a tricky one. Currently I will be aiming for one post a day for every workday [he read, months after first writing this]. I have found in my other blogs I usually end up closer to posting two to three times a week, but hey, what’s the point of ambition if you plan on settling for less from the start?

Happy coding

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