Diving Into Web Components

I’ve decided that I want to learn more about Web Components, and this time, instead of just walking through and learning what I can and keeping that to myself, I’m going to write a blog on what I learn and how I learn it. My plan is to write the blog side by side with the act of learning, so the things that I write here should not be taken as the gospel, but rather as my learning experience. If you see something that’s done wrong, of if I explain something incorrectly, please, please, don’t hesitate in letting me know. The only thing it can do is help us all learn a little bit more.

That being said, who is this blog for? I would have to say with this I’m targeting people who are in a similar position with Web Components. Perhaps you’re looking to have something explained in a different manner, perhaps you want a quick reference on how something is done, or perhaps you’re just trying to figure out how to start. I should say however, that even for those topics, it’s likely that there are far better resources that should be used, the main intent of this blog is to force me to understand enough about Web Components to explain them. Learning is step one, using is step two, but if you really want to get good at something, teach it.

Now let me address frequency. I’m going to be trying to spend a little time learning about this every night, that obviously doesn’t mean that I’m going to be releasing a post every night, there’s a good chance that I’ll only cover enough material to make another post once a week or so. These also won’t necessarily be the only posts that make it out into the ether, I know that I’ve had a few in draft mode for… well for a number of months now, but who’s counting.

Well, I hope that somebody finds this useful in the upcoming months (even if that somebody is me).

In the meantime, happy coding.

Diving Into Web Components

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