Nintex – Filtering a List Lookup in a Repeating Section

So, if you’ve set up cascading dropdowns with Nintex you’re probably used to the idea of filtering a Nintex Form List Lookup field. Now, say you want to filter a List Lookup on a static value (ie: Yes/No field called Archived)? Easy, right? You set the source list, you set the field, you expand the filter section and fill out the fields in there as appropriate. Great you’re done.

Everything works great, and things are looking to be clear sailing. Then your manager comes over to your desk and tells you that you need to have that item in a Repeating Section. Well that should be fine, it should take 5 minutes, so you tell him/her just that “Yeah, that shouldn’t be to hard, one hour, two tops.”

So you create the repeating section, drag the perfectly filtered field into the Repeating Section, hit Generate Preview, and… nope. The jokes on you, filtering in a List Lookup won’t work in a Repeating Section.

Well, it turns out there’s an easy workaround. I won’t tell you how long it took me to get to this, perhaps it was sloppy Googling, perhaps it was completely obvious to everybody else that’s ever had this problem so they’ve kept it their dirty little secret, it doesn’t matter, the result was the same, it took me longer than I care to admit to find this solution.

You can create a view on the Source List of your List Lookup, setting the Source View to use your filtered view. Boom, filtered lookup in a repeating section.

Happy days, oh happy days.

Nintex – Filtering a List Lookup in a Repeating Section

3 thoughts on “Nintex – Filtering a List Lookup in a Repeating Section

      1. Hey Jason, I’m afraid I don’t know of a solution off the top of my head. If I recall correctly, my situation was slightly different than yours as my filter was static, allowing me to create a filtered view on the list directly, rather than using a value in another control.

        Unfortunately, I’ve only had success with cascading drop-downs outside of repeating sections, though it’s been a while since I’ve attempted this.

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