The Problem with Start Conditions – Nintex Workflow

Start conditions are incredibly useful when developing Workflows in Nintex. They allow the developer to simply and eloquently decide which conditions are necessary for a Workflow to automatically be triggered. For example we might only want our Vacation Request workflow to trigger when an item is saved to our list with a status of Submitted. No point in notifying the boss that you’re just thinking about taking a vacation, eh?

What you didn’t want to know:
Start conditions change the way Nintex Forms trigger the workflow. Workflows with start conditions are started synchronously once the form is submitted. Under normal circumstances, this will not cause any tangible issues, however if you have large workflows being triggered, your user will watch a spinning circle until the workflow finishes its first batch of operations, which can come across to users as a slow system.

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The Problem with Start Conditions – Nintex Workflow